Incentivising Customer Loyalty & Gamifying Wellness: Two-Pronged Approach

Category: Insurance

Large multi-national insurance and financial services provider in Canada & Asia. Client initially sought to streamline customer loyalty rewards. Later, they wanted a separate initiative to encourage customers to be physically active using their existing app.


Reward redemptions


  • Managing vouchers and merchants was a time-consuming process
  • Encouraging customers to be physically active and engaged
  • Grouping customers into different reward tiers based on their engagement levels
  • Offering a diverse range of rewards that appeal to all customers


  • API integration for bulk rewarding and notification to simplify the process
  • PWA integration with the client's native app for a seamless user journey
  • Multiple rewarding mechanisms and campaigns running in parallel across markets
  • Support for multiple tiers of customers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • Exclusive rewards refreshed quarterly to keep customers engaged
  • Feature to send rewards in bulk via email, SMS, or Whatsapp
  • Perks for achieving milestones


  • The platform enabled monthly redemption value of over SG$100,000
  • The solution aided to complete more than 100 campaigns
  • The loyalty solution was launched in multiple geographies with over 1 million users engaged within the platform
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