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CERRA Flex is an employee benefit program
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Tailormade for Individuals.
Automated for Organisations.

A new-age super flex platform that combines the advantages of flexible benefits with
employee engagement, rewards and recognition. Comprising a benefit enrolment and
point-earning platform, CERRA Flex helps you:

Manage Flex Programs

Empower your employees in Malaysia and beyond to create their own personalised flexible benefits package and submit flexible claims anytime.

Engage your Employees

Build employee engagement by awarding points for performance, recognition and other activities aligned with your corporate goals.

Recognise with Ease

Leverage our gamification features and rich rewards marketplace to recognise and celebrate employees their way.

Reimagine Flexible Benefits with CERRA Flex

This single flexible benefits program provides super flex benefits, engagement,
communication & recognition. Create an integrated employee experience and brand your
organisation as an employer of choice in Malaysia and beyond.

Super Flex Benefits

Empower your employees with our wide range of benefit options that flexibly cater to individual needs across generations, life stages and changing circumstances. Employees can use any points balance after benefit selection to redeem their preferred rewards from our rich digital reward marketplace.

Enhanced Employee Engagement & Recognition

Boost employee engagement through real-time communication (updates, media sharing, quick polls), leaderboards, point-earning activities and a rich digital rewards marketplace. Foster a recognition culture with peer-to-peer appreciation and performance reward features

Instant Credit Redemptions

Employees redeem their credits instantly and anytime for voluntary benefits or a host of reward options from our rich marketplace.

More Flex, More Savings

Minimise broker dependency and maximise savings. As an independent tech provider, we work with your chosen insurance underwriter or broker for maximum flex enabling you to stretch your benefit dollars.

Automation and Cost Controls

Better manage staffing costs and reduce administrative burden with our easy to use/intuitive online benefit enrolment & distribution capabilities, benefit selection reports, and real-time e-wallet for claims and marketplace redemptions.

Expert Consultancy

Engage our services and avail of a pre-implementation feasibility study that assesses your existing benefit structure against the current landscape to recommend an improved and attractive benefit structure and integrated employee experience.

Experience CERRA Flex

Here's how our Super Flex solution meets your Benefits
and Engagement Needs

Flexible benefit program Malaysia


Benefit Enrolment

Empower employees to select personalised benefit plans in a hassle-free manner.

Employees use the points you allocate to select from curated core and voluntary benefits to better manager their own healthcare coverage.


Claims Submission and Approval

Streamline your workflows with our digitised claims management process.

From receipt upload, claim eligibility checks and clear approvals, we automate and simplify every step of the process.

Employee benefit management system Malaysia
Flexible benefit platform


Reward Redemption

Redeem remaining flex dollars for an exciting array of rewards.

Using Flex dollar balances, employees reward themselves their way from our extensive and integrated reward marketplace, designed to appeal to all lifestyles and geographies.


Employee Engagement and Recognition

Leverage our intuitive and innovative capabilities to engage and recognise your employees.

Boost peer recognition and staff engagement through our real time communication, connect and AI-enhanced appreciate features with point awarding and earning capabilities designed to engage.

Employee flexible benefit Malaysia
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We connect seamlessly

Seamless integrations with communication platforms, surveys and Open AI

Over 20+ Integrations with your Tech Infrastructure & Platforms

Consultancy & Implementation

Not sure where to start?
We partner you to offer an integrated employee experience

  1. Kickoff & Planning

    Feasibility study

    Data collection

    Objectives & benchmarks

    Benefit structure

    Reward & recognition

    Cost projections

  2. Strategy & design

    Feasibility study

    Workforce review

    Brand/benefit choices

    Flex rules/logic

    Rewards marketplace

  3. Setup

    CERRA Flex - Tailormade Employee Experience Program


    IT development

    System integration


  4. Launch

    Branding & Communications

    Onsite support

    Online surveys

    Communication strategy


  5. Management

    Quarterly Reviews & Ongoing Support

    Take up rates

    Underwriting status

    Spend tracking


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