Flexi Benefit For Employees With Different Job Grades

Category: Manufacturing

Fully digital and mobile flexi-benefits platform for their white-collar workers to select their medical, non-medical and complementary benefits, and redeem for exciting rewards on the marketplace or via claims submission. The benefits needed to be configured for 12 job grades among their permanent & contract workforce.


Redeemed within 3 months of launch


Redemption per month


  • Create the flexi-benefits platform that will be available to all permanent and contract white-collar workers within the organization, with different levels.
  • Fully digital and mobile platform.
  • The company needs regular assessment for improvement for the platform and benefits offerings, ensuring it stays relevant and valuable to the workforce over time.


  • All-in-one client branded app for iOS and Android for employees to select their benefits, earn points and redeem for a variety of marketplace items in Malaysia.
  • The configuration of the selections and app launch was done in record time to meet the selection-window timeline for their employees
  • 12 Job Grades Configuration: The platform can be configured to accommodate 12 different job grades within the company. Each job grade will have access to a set of benefits relevant to their position and level in the organization. The benefits available to higher-level job grades might include more comprehensive or exclusive offerings, reflecting their increased responsibilities and contributions.


  • Strong interest from employees in the flexi program
  • RM 20,000 redemptions per month and the total of RM 50,000 redemption in the first 3 month of launching
  • A fully digital and mobile flexi-benefits platform tailored to 12 job grades within the white-collar workforce will provide employees with the autonomy to choose their benefits, enhance job satisfaction, and ultimately contribute to a more engaged and motivated workforce.
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